Season 6 Episode 15

Welcome to this new Season 6 server with 100% Premium files of a Season 15 working perfectly from BloodyAngel to BlueEye, Lucky, Wings and much more for each race for the enjoyment of all of you.


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TOP Rankings
1Blade MasterBarrioFino1280Lorencia
2Blade MasterMrAsesino400275Lorencia Bar
3Dimension MasterSUPERSUM400204Lorencia
4Blade MasterBmRusso1178Lorencia
5Blade MasterKHALiFA400151Lorencia
6Lord EmperorTheeDeatth400148Lorencia
7Fist MasterDDoSAttack400144Lorencia
8Grand MasterMageOfCaos400141Lorencia
9Lord EmperorDaGangsta400133Lorencia
10Grand MasterKempachi400132Lorencia
11Dimension MasterNimueh-400130Lorencia
12Duel MasterBioHazard400130Lorencia
13Blade MasterSamuelColt400126Lorencia
14Blade MasterEscannoR400123Lorencia Bar
15Blade MasterZerchs400110Lorencia
16Duel MasterIchigo400102Lorencia
17Duel MasterGLADIADOR40096Lorencia
18Lord EmperorDark40095Lorencia
19Lord EmperorXxSpxX191Tarkan
20Duel MasterMrKexworld40084Lorencia Bar
21Dimension MasterHoyueloS40081Devias
22Fist MasterIronFist167Arena
23Grand Masterdios40064Lorencia
24High Elf999940063Lorencia
25Grand MasterAzoneee15961Arena